Stars and stripes was the theme for October in WOW challenge, such a favorite of mine <3 I love to watch stars upon the sky and try to find Northern lights as well, so my picture to a card was ready in my head! I added a lonely reindeer there, too, but in my hight of Finland there are no reindeer, only in northern parts of my country, but still ;)

I made the Northern lights with embossing pen and added a lovely turquose WOW powder on the lower parts and a mixture of turquose and white upper. I like the effect very much, but dont know if it shows in the pictures. In Lappland it is snow on earth by now allready and the reindeer is standing on that, alone! The punched stars (Fiskars) I embossed twice.


I tried to get the lovely glitter of the powder into the picture, but dont know if I managed.

In real life most of the Northern ligts are a little greenish and I made another card coloring the ligts a little bit, but dont like this card as much. Still, here it is.


This is my entry to


Lovely starry autumn nights to you all!